dual hardness extrusions

Dual hardness extrusions are produced with a combination of materials that are compatible with each other, and then merged into one single extrusion profile.

Dual hardness extrusions, also known as co-extrusions, can be more cost effective than other variations of extrusions. Due to the nature of combining materials for only necessary properties, cheaper polymer can be used in non-essential areas of a customised order.

examples of dual hardness extrusion applications

Dual Hardness or Co-Extrusions are a combination of two materials bonded together to create a single extrusion profile For example: A flexible seal can be bonded to a rigid section or vice versa. This technique is used in various applications; a good example of a use for a dual hardness plastic extrusion is a shower seal whereby the rigid area may be used to clip onto an edge section of glass with the Flexible area creating a seal.

Another use for this technique is a flexible section bonded between two rigid sections to create a Hinge Extrusion.

custom dual hardness extrusions

Delta Plastics design and manufacture custom made co-extrusions  to meet our customers bespoke requirements, to enquire about our custom dual hardness extrusions, use our online contact form or call us now on 01902 409 627.

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If you need dual hardness extrusions, look no further. We have extensive experience in producing dual hardness extrusions and whatever your requirements are; we can make a bespoke extrusion just for you. We manufacture dual hardness extrusions in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours in a range of different materials and this sets us apart from other dual hardness extrusion suppliers.